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DaVinci Elizabeth II Convertible Cheap Toddler Beds
DaVinci Elizabeth II Convertible Cheap Toddler Beds

When we get children, the one thing we wish for them is safety, be it in their daily activities or in their sleep. We are all aware that in the night, it gets quite difficult to ensure the safety of your toddler as they sleep. This is because just as the toddler is sleeping, so is the parent or guardian. One of the best ways to ensure your child’s safety as they sleep is by using Davinci toddler beds.

The DaVinci Elizabeth II Cheap Toddler Beds are modern baby furniture made from New Zealand pine wood for a classy, stylish finish. The bed comes disassembled in numerous parts with easy to understand assembly instructions. This light weight toddler bed is easily portable allowing repositioning. As the bed converts from a toddler bed to a full sized bed, it can be conveniently moved from the master bedroom to the child’s room. This Davinci toddler bed has a low height making it safe for toddlers to comfortably get in and out of bed.

Detachable rails

Safety is a main objective of the DaVinci Elizabeth II Cheap Toddler Beds. The bed has been constructed and fitted with numerous features that enhance the safety of the toddler. It has separately sold rails that can be attached to the bed to transform it into a toddler bed. The rails prevent the toddler from falling off the bed when asleep. These rails can then be detached during the transition period whereby the toddler is moving from the use of a crib to a full size bed.

Low height

The DaVinci Elizabeth II kids beds for sale has a low height that places the base of the bed close to the floor. This is quite convenient for the children as they can get in and out of their Davinci bed at their convenience. It also allows the adults to attend to other things as they do not have to leave their schedule to take the toddlers to bed.

Below is a list of all the features and specifications of this Bed.


  • This Convertible Toddler Bed is made from New Zealand pine wood. This gives the bed a stylish finish. It also enables the bed to be light in weight.
  • 52” x 28” dimensions that enable a standard crib mattress to fit the toddler bed.
  • Lead and phthalates free for a non-toxic finishing.


  • When assembled, the bed measures 55.625” x 30” x 32.375”.
  • This baby furniture weighs 32 lbs. once fully assembled.

Words on the street

Many customers were impressed by this cheap toddler bed siting its wonderful design with a clean finish. It’s easy to read guide enables its buyers to assemble the bed with ease. It does not require any expertise. The sturdiness of the structure was an added advantage as the bed stood steady after construction. However, it is not all bed of roses. Some of the customers were disappointed with the use of softwood to make the bed parts. The use of softwood means that the structure will be susceptible to scratches and other forms of damage more easily. All in all, the remarks about this Davinci toddler bed were quite promising.

Amazon, being one of the best online stores and a great place to get information on products, has received quite a number of customer reviews about this DaVinci kids beds for sale. The overall number of reviews adds up to one hundred and thirty four. This includes both positive and negative feedback from satisfied and dissatisfied customers. At least eighty five percent of the total reviews rate this convertible toddler bed highly. Most of the reviews give a five star rating to this cheap baby furniture. The product is given a 4.4 star rating out of 5 stars.


If you are looking for an affordable toddler bed that does not compromise on your child’s safety, consider the DaVinci Elizabeth II Cheap Toddler Beds. It will ensure that your child sleeps safe on the bed throughout the entire night and it is more than convenient. Its low height will enable your toddler to get into and out of bed easily. It can also be converted into a full size bed. You do not have to worry about the safety of your children as this best baby furniture has a lead and phthalates free finish.


Kidkraft Fire Truck Kids Beds for Sale
Kidkraft Fire Truck Kids Beds for Sale

KidKraft new Fire fighter series is made attractively for your children who must like it and your toddler will feel great by using it. The movable fire truck bed for toddler is finished in a bright; mind blowing red has ladder cut-outs on the sides that look like double as a bed rail. Kids Beds for Sale is complete with silk-screened fire truck details plus there is a special storage compartment in the front. The shape and comfort of the bed make your little one’s time to feel great. You can keep in the extra storage, toys, books and fire hoses too. With a sturdy wood construction, the bed is designed for children up to 50 pounds.

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Kidkraft Boat kids beds will make your child’s sleeping smooth and fresh. In comparison to the other toddler cot kids beds for sale is made in a creative and quality craftsmanship so that your baby don’t get any pain while sleeping. KidKraft's new Boat Toddler bed is perfect for your young crafted from solid rubber wood, and there is a bold blue stripe so this bed looks great in any bedroom. From the window on the rail, to the concealed storage space under the Kidkraft Boat kids beds is the best ever thing to sleep. ...continue reading