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Athena Leila 2 drawer changer baby changing station is ideal to store all essential products in your kid's room, including baby clothes, diapers, toiletries and many more. Due to make from durable solid wood, it lasts long and you can make it an important part of your child's room. From using it for changing diapers, Athena Leila 2 dresser can be used to put toys, trophies and more.

Athena Leila 2 Drawer Changer Baby Changing Station
Athena Leila 2 Drawer Changer Baby Changing Station

This baby changer is a spacious dual-function dresser featuring two drawers and two shelves and there is an optional changer top with it.  The assembly is smooth due to lines across the changer which easily allows pairings on almost any piece of furniture in diaper changing station. As your baby grows up, the changing pad of the baby can be removed to store other valuable possessions such as trophies and frames.
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Athena Leila 2 drawer changer is one kind of modern baby furniture has a smooth lustrous look. It comes with a changing pad to assist in the changing process for the infant. The suggested size for the changing pad is 16 by 24 inches although it can accommodate both sizes. The changing pad also can be removed. The classic wooden look goes well with all kinds of decor and sits well with the existing furniture in the nursery. The changing table portion can easily hold 30 pounds of weight.
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