Sweet Island Dreams Tiny Love Mobile Review

tiny love mobile
tiny love mobile

It is vital that baby receives appropriate stimulation from birth onwards from high quality products which provide baby with numerous interactive learning experiences. There are a multitude of such products available, but how do new parents and family choose which ones offer their baby the best learning experiences, for example, how do they choose the best baby mobile for their child, one which will give them some of their first important sensory experiences?

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The professional online company Tiny Love is fully supported by child development experts who guide them through the process of creating new, innovative products for babies and children. All tiny love toys are made with particular stages of child development in mind and have stimulating, educational and fun features available for use by baby and parents alike, making learning a shared experience when needed. All tiny toys are developed with originality in mind and, of course, always with quality and safety as a priority.

The Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams Mobile is an attractively designed mobile which does not disappoint with regard to being a fun, interactive toy. From about four months old your baby's senses will begin to obtain rich environmental information. This mobile is easily assembled with a sturdy lip on the back and top that rests firmly in the crib's rail and actually connects between the crib's side slats; this should fit onto most cribs well. It is necessary to purchase three C batteries for the music box with this product. A handy remote control is available for use with this product if desired so as not to go to the crib every time and disturb baby.

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tiny love sweet island dreams mobile
tiny love sweet island dreams mobile

This Tiny Love Mobile has an overall island theme design with a vivid green arm resembling a jungle tree being attached firmly at the bottom of the mobile to the musical box. At the top of this tree there are more leaves and branches which rotate at a 360 degree angle as the mobile turns. At the top of each of the three branches are three large green transparent leaves and a friendly faced colorful jungle animal dangling down from each of them. The jungle animals are a cute bird, a cheeky monkey and a sweet island giraffe. They all have happy smiling faces, slightly stretchy legs, arms and necks to attract and hold baby's attention.

As the mobile turns it gives multi dimensional movement, the colorful animals bouncing, jumping, flipping and twisting around as if dancing. They are sure to be noticed quickly by baby, who will respond to them with lots of limb movements, verbal sounds and by watching them closely. When baby's visual sense is stimulated this helps baby to focus, strengthens eye muscles and encourages the development of spatial perception.

The music box has a calming orange glow night light in the form of a smiling monkey. There are four classical musical tunes to choose from and volume settings with a silent, low and high option available, depending upon whether you wish to soothe baby before bed or encourage baby to become active. These classical options are from Mozart, Debussy, Chopin and Bach, each giving twenty minutes of continuous music; two of these options are blended with gentle sounds of nature. It is worth noting that the motion of the mobile is independent of the music; the mobile can be operated without sound when you need to reduce the baby's stimulation.

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Also, this tiny love mobile can be attached from the base easily, leaving just the night light and music available for use. This means that your older baby can still benefit from this part of the toy after he/she has outgrown using the mobile. Many Amazon customers giving five star reviews of this product highly recommend it and report that all of their children in turn have used just one of this Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams Mobile, without need to purchase another one or a different item! Available for purchase at only $45.85 plus free shipping, you have saved $9.14 on its original price, truly an affordable option for a high quality, interactive toy which encourages your baby's overall development in those important early years.

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