Best Graco Pack N Play TotBloc Baby Play Yard Review

Do you want a safe Baby Play Yard for your important little one? Do you want a safe, spacious and portable Play Yard for your tot to play and enjoy? Then surely you are looking for Best Graco Pack N Play TotBloc Baby Play Yard.

Best Graco Pack N Play TotBloc Baby Play Yard
Best Graco Pack N Play TotBloc Baby Play Yard

Few days back my sister requested me to find a portable play yard for my little nephew. As suggested, I was looking for a cheap, portable and spacious Graco Pack N Play product. After a quick search, I realized that Graco Pack N Play TotBloc Baby Play Yard is the best one. Now my sister could go on with her household/office works keeping my little nephew busy in the baby play yard. You can carry it anywhere and anytime with the smart carrying bag and your baby will be entertained with integrated & interactive toys. I would like to share my findings with you regarding this Graco Pack N Play product.

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Product Details:

Weight          :  The product weighs around 25.4 lbs

Dimensions:     10.4 inches x 10.2 inches x 37.1 inches

Color:                 Bugs Quilt

Model Number:  9261QB

ASIN:                     B000056C86

Shipping Details: This baby play yard could be shipped within U.S and some selected countries outside U.S as well. Shipping weight could be around 25.8 lbs. One important thing to be remembered that this baby play yard must be shipped separately from other items in your order and additional shipping charges will not be applicable.

Basic Product Feature:

  • Spacious (38" x 38") square baby play yard;
  • Portable and gets ready within a minute;
  • Airy mesh on all sides provides sufficient ventilation;
  • Simple cleaning process.

Salient Features:


This Graco Pack N Play product is spacious enough to keep your baby safe. Babies will enjoy their time into this play yard and will find plenty of room to Play, Rest & Grow.

Built-In Toys

The Pack N Play product is enriched with toys like 3D fabric bugs on the mesh sides. Baby will remain busy interacting with the integrated toys and will love playing with colorful wings.

Simple Set up

This baby play yard is really a convenient and friendly product for moms. This portable play yard has been engineered so simply that one can complete the installation within a minute. Most of all, you will not require any extra tool to set up this play yard.

Keep Cool

Being the best-selling play yard brand of America, Graco Pack ‘n Play is committed to ensure comfort for the babies.  The portable baby play yard is bordered by airy mesh on each side which in turn provides ample ventilation and offer the baby a soothing environment.

Portable Play yard:  

The special attraction of this play yard is that it is easily portable and comes with a convenient carrying bag.  Apart from these, this baby play yard is made with light & durable frames. So you will just fold it and place it in the carrying bag. It’s just amazing!

Easy to Fold:

You will find it very easy to fold and move this baby play yard. If you decide to pack up within a second’s notice to move anywhere and anytime, you can make it ready instantly.


-         This baby play yard is suitable for the babies with height less than 35” and unable to climb out.

-         Cleaning is an important issue for all play yard products. It’s very easy to remove dust or sand from the surface of the play yard. You can utilize your washing machine to clean the carrying bag. But use warm water and household soap to clean the play yard.

Customer Review:

Best Graco Pack N Play TotBloc Baby Play Yard is featured with extra space, easy set up system and convenient portability. This will be the optimal choice for moms to provide their babies enough comfort to play, rest and grow. I have analyzed the customer reviews on Amazon at the time of this writing and the valued customers have given 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Please be noted that out of 815 customers given review, 684 have awarded 5 stars and 101 have awarded 4 stars. So we may conclude that around 96% of the people were satisfied with this play yard. Majority of the customers were enthusiastic about the baby play yard and the comment box was full of positive feed backs from the valued customers all around.

But as usual some people were dissatisfied. Like one said, “………….. My baby loves playing without shoes or socks on. He was playing in the play pen wiggling his legs against the walls of the play pen. Apparently the walls in the play pen are made from very rough netting and scrubbed the skin off my baby’s toes. ………….”. Another one commented “…………. At first she was over stimulated with all the bugs and kept reaching for the antlers. This frustrated her when she couldn't reach it. She is now 10 months old and is no longer frustrated, but she still puts the antlers in her mouth. The material covering the antlers on the bottom is slowly coming off and it could possibly be a choking hazard………….”

This may be some very rare cases because most of the customers were very happy about the product and didn’t comment such. Besides, you must be very careful about your baby, especially when she/he is playing as they are always prone to fall in unusual problems. As these problems were made by a very few customers, could be ignored considering the overall performance of the baby play yard.

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In brief, Best Graco Pack N Play TotBloc Baby Play Yard is one of the best baby play yard of the market. This is comfortable, portable and safe for your babies. This is why real users have marked it with high rating and recommended others for purchasing. So make hurry to buy it!

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