Baby Play Pen 8 panel playground equipment JBW-8 Model Review

Baby Play Pen 8 panel playground equipment safety child gate JBW-8 Model
Baby Play Pen 8 panel playground equipment safety child gate JBW-8 Model

The Baby Play Pen 8 Panel Play Center Safety Yard Pen (Jbw-8 Model) has yellow, blue and red colors in its 8 different panels. The panels also include ball spinner, play telephone and other features on the panels. Baby Play Pen is weather resistant hardy plastic is rough and can be used at home or outside. This baby play yard is very suitable for parents to keep their babies secure while completing household works or do outdoor cleaning or gardening. This playground equipment is suitable for Babies up to age four. The door is easy to use further has a swinging hinged door with a safety lock. Thus the babies cannot open it from inside only parents can control the lock. The panels are 31 inches wide and 23.5 inches tall and 6 feet in diameter safety yard. The baby play yard is a great savings of money and also for keeping young ones secure.

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A wonderful play pen

Baby Play Pen 8 panel playground is a wonderful safety child 8 panel gate at an affordable price. Baby play yard will make the stay of your baby alone bit refreshing. The features of playpen importantly a play telephone, picture house, ball spinners and a swinging hinged door with safety lock. Its materials are health friendly and shape is nice looking. The safety locks are important because your restless baby would not get a chance to sneak away. You can put there couple of children but not more. Wonderful thing is that you can adjust its shape. You can change the shape into square, circle, oval or whatever shape you may make out or like. I like that playpen has some of the features that some of us had as kids. It has your classic play telephone, so your kid can play phone calls, and ball spinners. You can add or remove panels to increase or decrease the playpen’s total size. It also has suction cups underneath, so it would bring balance to the baby pen and increase longevity of the child gate. In the end, what I care about most is safety.

Features and Specifications

Baby Play Pen 8 panel playground equipment is perfect for children up to 4 yrs of age featuring all convenient amenities for your toddler. As said you can change the size of this playpen by removing or adding panels as you like. It also may create interest and encourage mobility for your child. It also can be a great holiday gift. The Price of this baby furniture is really affordable for such a gem for your baby. Weight: 33 pounds. When the panel playground equipment is fully assembled it’s total dimensions would be 75 in length; 31 in width and 23.5 in height.

Customer Reviews and Scores

I found 726 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded 8 panel playground equipment 4.6 stars out of a possible 5 on average and 71% gave 5 stars which is highly satisfactory.

The customer reviews on Amazon are positive overall, but there were a few complaints regarding choking hazard by the baby’s from the product. One customer said, “….I would have never thought anything on this could be a choking hazard but there is. We are very careful ………..found what appeared to be plastic shavings. After looking around the whole house we couldn't figure where they came from. When we were moving the gate later ……….. Turns out it is the burr from the holes that are drilled to connect the gates. If you shake any of the panels you can hear it....”

Baby Play Pen 8 panel playground equipment safety child gate
Baby Play Pen 8 panel playground equipment safety child gate

However, no one else seems to have experienced the same difficulties, so perhaps it isn’t a prevalent problem. On the other hand Baby Play Pen got huge positive responses from the users.

Other customers said, “…We love this play yard! It has all 8 panels included, so it gives baby lots of space to play. Very durable too (My 3 year old and 8 year old are hanging all over it trying to play with baby brother!). Baby is 1 year now, and he will still play in there for good amounts of time…... So safe to have him in there where I know he isn't getting into something he shouldn't! ..”

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The price range is within your affordable range. It is flexible and durable and best for the purpose and modern in design. It will give you safety and make the time of your kid playful. Most real buyers of this product are completely satisfied with their purchase and would positively recommend this (JBW-8) 8 panel Baby Play Pen to others.

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