Baby Bjorn Travel Crib for sale Light 2 Review

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib for sale Light 2
Baby Bjorn Travel Crib for sale Light 2

Baby Bjorn travel crib for sale provides cozy, waterproof sleeping place for your baby. Moving along with little ones is now easier than ever for the newly re-designed Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light 2. The travel crib Light 2 offers the same great features as the original travel crib light, but a new leg device makes it even easier to move along. Its new unique feature is its lightweight and portability. The roomy crib is the perfect solution for making your baby feels comfortable when sleeping away from home. The light weight production of the travel crib light 2 makes traveling hassle-free for parents. The set up is now simpler and movement is smoother. You can easily fold it up to take with you or lay up it in its box safely away from your child. The strong mattress keeps the travel crib firmly on the floor and its inward slanting sides create a warm and pleasant feeling, and the soft fabrics feel pleasant against baby’s skin from newborns to approximately three years. It has been highly appreciated as the safest crib for your baby.

Assembly of the Travel Crib Light 2 is very easy. While in a long day of travel it can be again set up in few seconds. The travel crib light 2 can be assembled without much pushing and pulling. While assembling, the leg set automatically gets locked. Once the frame is set-up it is ready to use and sleep. The crib folds up easily and takes little room for your car. Its handy case and sturdy canvas handle is a bless for airport travel, you can easily pack it into a larger suitcase or carry it like a bag.

Useful Baby Furniture

The design of Baby Bjorn travel crib is so compact and space-efficient that you must like it. The baby furniture takes up minimal space in the room. It comes with a carrying case that is as easy to carry as an ordinary bag. It is suitable from newborn up to 3 years. It folds conveniently into the smart carrying case and is easy for any adult to carry around the house, pack into a car or carry through an airport. When traveling by car, the travel crib folds up small enough to fit in the trunk.

Cheap cribs durable and healthy for babies

The travel crib stands firmly on the floor as the stable construction of Baby Bjorn travel crib helps it. The mattress is built-in a rigid and durable base. Its net makes it easy to keep an eye on your sleeping toddler through the net fabric wall panels. Fabrics of Baby Bjorn travel crib are free from harmful and allergenic substances. Its healthy fabric quality gives it Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 approval, as baby products.

Features and Specifications of Baby Bjorn Travel Crib

The Baby Bjorn Fitted Sheet for travel crib light 2 is a fitted sheet made from organic cotton. The fabric is guaranteed free from perilous substances and will not cause allergies. The sheet is fashioned to fit the mattress and stays stretched and held in place by elastic bands. Easy to take off and machine-wash.

The Silver color Baby Bjorn travel crib set up and ready to use in one simple movement and it is useful for 0–3 years baby which weighs only 11 lbs. Measuring 45 x 25.5 x 31.5 inches (L x H x W), the crib has a uniquely compact design that features a base with slanting edges. This means the crib stands firmly and doesn't wobble, even if little ones are standing up or if older siblings are leaning against it. The see-through mesh panels on the sides allow parents and caregivers to keep an eye on their sleeping tot. The material is safe and Baby Bjorn travel crib also includes Baby Bjorn Fitted Sheet. Its Insulated mattress keeps baby warm and comfortable. It is safer because it is waterproof, and the breathable mattress cover is machine washable.

Baby Bjorn travel crib Baby Furniture
Baby Bjorn travel crib Baby Furniture

Customer Reviews and Scores

I found 230 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded Baby Bjorn Travel Crib 4.6 stars out of a possible 5 on average and 183 gave 5 stars which is highly satisfactory.

The customer reviews on Amazon are positive overall, but there were a few complaints regarding the traveling facility. One customer said, “Purchased this crib at local Kohl's. One of the legs stopped collapsing after 2 uses, which makes this crib worthless for traveling with. Called the company and explained the issue, they were not at all apologetic and asked me to ship the product back to them in order to receive a functional product. That would be no problem if I could collapse the leg in order to ship it.”

However, no one else seems to have experienced the same difficulties, so perhaps it isn’t a widespread problem. On the other hand the travel crib got huge positive responses from the users. Other customers said, “This is very lightweight and super-easy to put together. Much more practical than most other travel cribs because it has fewer components and it is more portable. Another big advantage: it is big and deep, so the child can use it until toddler hood. So even though it's pricier than other models, it will also outlast them.”


The travel crib will soon become your child's favorite sleeping place. The padded mattress is soft and keeps baby warm and comfortable, while the inward sloping sides and soft fabrics create a cozy and restful environment for your baby wherever you are. Baby Bjorn ensures the quality of each of its products in terms of both firmness and environmental impact. It is produced by carefully overseeing every stage of the design and manufacturing procedure. Safety is also guaranteed through thorough screening by industrial designers, testing institutes, and medical experts. This testing attention to detail has earned Baby Bjorn global acknowledgment for its success in creating products which both ensure usability with style.

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