Kidkraft Fire Truck Kids Beds for Sale Review

Kidkraft Fire Truck Kids Beds for Sale
Kidkraft Fire Truck Kids Beds for Sale

KidKraft new Fire fighter series is made attractively for your children who must like it and your toddler will feel great by using it. The movable fire truck bed for toddler is finished in a bright; mind blowing red has ladder cut-outs on the sides that look like double as a bed rail. Kids Beds for Sale is complete with silk-screened fire truck details plus there is a special storage compartment in the front. The shape and comfort of the bed make your little one’s time to feel great. You can keep in the extra storage, toys, books and fire hoses too. With a sturdy wood construction, the bed is designed for children up to 50 pounds.

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Advantages of kidkraft furniture fire truck bed

  • This fire truck bed is made of solid, user friendly and looks colorfully great!
  • Fits standard size crib mattress.
  • Mattress and bedding sold separately that make it cheap toddler beds.
  • Supports 50lbs or less.
  • Ensemble all the typical crib size mattresses.
  • Convenient storage compartment.
  • Ladder cut-outs on sides that double as bed rail.
  • Made of wood.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Made from sturdy strong wood.
  • Features silk-screened fire truck particulars
  • Artistic design features ladders as security rails.
  • Open storage bin in front is ideal for books.
  • Big enough that multiple children can play at a time
  •  Convenient storage compartment.
  •  Low enough to the ground to permit simple access for kids
  •  Makes the alteration from a crib to a normal bed as painless as possible.
  •  Fits most crib mattresses, with fabulous bright colors.
  • Made from MDF and Solid Wood.
  • There are six separate compartments for storage.
  • Extraordinary storage section in the front.

Disadvantages of Kidkraft Fire Truck Kids Beds for Sale

  • In kidkraft beds, the shelf seems to be thin.
  • Mattress and accessories are not integrated
  • Wood piece is thin that hold the adjacent board.
  • The bed consumes big space.
  • The bed can hold weights up to approximately 50 lbs.
  • It comes in a lot of pieces.
  • Kidkraft furniture only can be used by little persons.
  • There is quibble over the screws that are supposed to be painted to match the red or grey areas.
  • This bed does not smell good due to the materials used as "Wood and MDF and Rubber wood".
  • The fire truck bed is relatively low.
  • Design is bit artless and stereotype to some customers.

Features and Specification

The Price of this modern baby furniture is not a bigger amount as modern durable furniture which is only 279 dollars and with free shipping you save more .The age limit to use kids Bed for sale is suitable for 15 months and above, and the maximum weight capacity is 50 pounds. Dimensions of this kidkraft furniture modern baby furniture are 59 L x 28.25 W x 20 H inches. It measures 150 cmx74 cmx55 cm.

There is an extra storage compartments in the fronts where Box weighs 24 kg’s. This brilliant, comfy cot is sure to brighten any bedroom and your baby would proudly welcome it to his room. The fire truck bed is made of durable wood looks like a real, all-red fire truck. Your kids will remain extra safe at the time of sleeping, as there are grey ladder-style bed rails. The little fire fighter might just make sleep time and bedtime more comfy and safe.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Kids Beds for Sale looks strikingly good for your babies’ attention and smoothly movable. It is hugely cost effective, good looking and finest thing in the lot to be used.

I found 60 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded this cheap toddler beds 4.2 stars out of a possible 5 on average. The customer review also shows that 5 star were given by 36 reviewers which are really highly significant.

fire truck bed
fire truck bed

The customer reviews on Amazon are positive overall, but there were a few niggling points rose.

One customer said “The one fatal flaw I believe is the crappy shelf in the front. It is a very thin piece of wood ………….. however this is a TODDLER BED and of course our son has a tendancy to climb on the front part of the bed (truck)........... and often steps in and on the shelf part…….. a few times now the shelf given way on one of the long sides……. cracking the board. Not sure why they didn't use the same thickness of boards as the other parts of the bed………. that would have been much better and safer.”

However, no one else seems to have experienced the same difficulties with selves, so perhaps it isn’t a widespread problem.

Other customers said, “This bed is so super cute. I was afraid that it would be cheap and flimsy but it isn't. My 1.5 year-old son loves it and his 6 year-old sister goes into his room just to play on it. You have to get the little hydrant night stand too. We also got the toy organizer. They are just the most adorable set. I would highly recommend this set to anybody with a little boy that loves cars.”

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Kidkraft Fire Truck Kids Beds for Sale is ideally designed for your young Toddlers. It is made for their fun, safety and comfort. You can place it in his room and it must add beauty to the room and make your babies sleep time comfy. In summary, the Fire Truck Bed is a highly rated and storage friendly movable Kids Bed. Designed superbly and easy to move, most real buyers of this product are extremely pleased with their purchase and would recommend this modern kidkraft furniture to others.


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