Kidkraft Boat kids beds for sale Review

cheap toddler beds
cheap toddler beds










Kidkraft Boat kids beds will make your child’s sleeping smooth and fresh. In comparison to the other toddler cot kids beds for sale is made in a creative and quality craftsmanship so that your baby don’t get any pain while sleeping. KidKraft's new Boat Toddler bed is perfect for your young crafted from solid rubber wood, and there is a bold blue stripe so this bed looks great in any bedroom. From the window on the rail, to the concealed storage space under the Kidkraft Boat kids beds is the best ever thing to sleep.

Modern Baby Furniture having more storage facility :

Cheap toddler beds is cheap cute looking and versatile . It fits any room and KidKraft is a successful modern baby furniture maker and is dedicated to designing children's furniture and wooden toys that is high quality and proven for the safety of your baby. KidKraft children's furniture fits in any place and ensures comfort which is available in a variety of different woods and styles.

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  • kids beds for sale is low price but durable.
  • Kidkraft Boat kids beds has nice cute looks
  • It is convenient for having storage compartment.
  • Toddler bed is low enough to the ground to allow easy access for kids.
  • kids beds for sale has sturdy construction.
  • Decorative bed rails to keep kids safe
  • It fits most crib mattresses
  • The perfect height of toddler bed is good for babies. It is very nicely constructed and the wood is of great quality.
  • It is very sturdy, good quality and adorable.
  • In it’s direction were easy and the bed seems very well made
  • Assembly of kids cot is fairly easy so you can save time by using only a electric screw driver.
  • Toddler bed fits most crib mattresses.
  • Big enough to fill room.
  • the bottom is great for extra blankets


  • Toddler bed has little storage in the bow for extra pillows and blankets.
  • This is required two people to attach it. Other than that it was fairly easy to put together.
  • It is little weak, it is just not sturdy enough for my unruly boy.
  • Mattress, bedding and pillow not included
  • kids beds for sale is rather long with the weight on both ends, so carrying the bed around when assembled requires careful positioning.
  • toddler bed needs tool for assembling

Features and Specification

Kidkraft Boat kids beds for sale is super quality and stylish kids bed. Its affordable price is 209.99 dollars and with free shipping You can Save up to dollars 95.00 It is a convenient storeroom booth ornamental bed rails helps to keep kids safe. This boat kids beds is low enough to the ground to allow easy access for kids where fits most crib mattresses. Of course her mattress, bedding and pillow are not included. The product dimension is 72.5" x 32" x 20.25"H. Rubber wood Item has been used to make sleeping finest. Its overall weight is 74.00 lbs which has a 90 day manufacturer warranty.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Kidkraft Boat kids beds is stylish and smoothly finished where the price is hugely cost effective, good looking and finest thing in the lot to be used which is known as cheap toddler beds. I found 35 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded 4.4 stars out of a possible 5 on average. The customer review also shows that 5 stars were given by 23 reviewers. This is really a highly significant review.

The customer reviews on Amazon are positive overall, but there were a few niggling points raised. One customer said   “…..While the bed is very cute, virtually everything about the quality is extremely poor. I bought two of them for my twin boys and both arrived with the packaging exploding - the box isn't really adequate to handle the bed during shipping. When I started pulling out the pieces, I saw that the blue stripe was already peeling off of the side panels. When I started to assemble it, I realized that one of the bow panels had been drilled wrong so the stripe is uneven and the support for the bottom of the bow compartment doesn't work.”

modern baby furniture with drawers
modern baby furniture with drawers

However, no one else seems to have experienced the same difficulties with blue stripe and bow panels, so perhaps it isn’t a widespread problem.

Other customers said, “this bed is sturdy enough for us to lie down with him which really helped him transition to the big boy bed. Adorable! I think there are several models, the one I purchased did not have a hinge on the storage compartment so we will use it for spare sheets and blankets instead of toys. He is very excited ……… Assembled in about an hour using electric screw driver with hex bit. Directions were clear and easy to follow.”

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This Kidkraft Boat kids beds for sale is ideal for your babies it has different styles ample room and luxury for sleep. In summary, it is a highly rated and versatile kids cot ever .made in the most modern designs and comfortable to use, most real buyers of this product are extremely pleased with their purchase and would recommend this kids beds to others.

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